Artist Statement

Meaghan Potter is an Australian artist residing and working in the Blue Mountains where she was born in 1992. She has completed an Honours in Fine Arts from the National Art School, Sydney. Since graduating she has exhibited internationally in Hong Kong, and throughout greater Sydney; from Woollahra to Hill End.

Meaghan’s artwork finds its genesis in the drawn form, continuously evolving through the vibrant capture of watercolour layering a-topped by explosions of dark charcoal and ink.  The nature of the sublime, as it reveals itself in the superb yet disquieting forms of the Blue Mountains, leads the initial expressive movement of Meaghan’s work. Form is carved and achieves salience as the eye finds familiarity in the declaration of charcoal strokes. Each artwork is generated from a mental and physical contemplation of the subject matter at hand. Paper is cut from a voluminous roll allowing for creation on the scale of the energetically large; a full-body drawing experience in which each line and block of colour is placed onto the paper through sweeps and lunges. This bold and animated art-making finds itself in the still mindful meditation of place, punctuated via the sudden projection of the physical form through the brush; a clamour of expressive intent.


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