On the way to Brunet Meadow 2020

Posted on the 15/12/20

I’m excited to announce my solo exhibition at the Blue Mountains Botanic Gardens is opening this weekend on the 19th of December, from 2-4. Located in a world heritage area in Mt Tomah, I am so happy to have the honour to exhibit here, and with artworks that directly celebrate it’s local bird life. The exhibition is open until the 7th of Feb 2021, and definitely worth the trip for anyone looking for something to do during the summer break.

Hawkesbury Art Fair 2020

Posted on the 29/09/20

Four of my artworks are on display at the Hawkesbury Regional Gallery in Windsor as a part of the 2020 Hawkesbury Art Fair. The exhibition is open from 25 September to 29 November.

Studio Sale Exhibition

Posted on the 30/11/2019

Meaghan Potter Open Studio Exhibition Invite FRONT

“Meaghan is a local, practicing artist who creates impressive large-scale drawings featuring flora and fauna from Australia and New Zealand. At her studio sale exhibition there will be a variety of works on display from Meaghan’s first six years as an emerging artist. To accompany the exhibition, Meaghan will be creating a live drawing over the two day exhibition.”

The artworks will be available to view outside of the exhibition dates via appointment. For a catalogue of works for sale or for any enquiries, please contact me at

Winner of People’s Choice Award for the St Kevin’s Art Show 2019

Posted on the 10/11/2019

My artwork, “Crimson Rosella”, has been awarded the joint-winner of the St Kevin’s Art Show’s People’s Choice Award. A lovely honour to know that not only was my artwork appreciated by so many people, but also that our lovely local rosella bird is adored by the public too.

Crimson Rosella 2_120by90_oct18


Feature in Hawkesbury Gazette for Wild Thing Exhibition

Posted on 11/08/2019

This week I was featured in my local gazette for my involvement with the Royal Botanic Garden “Wild Thing” exhibition. Read the digital copy of the article below.

a3 wild thing

2019 Exhibition Announcement

Posted on the 22/06/2019

Invite Meaghan Potter JPEG.jpeg

Cowwarr Art Space Residency 2019

Posted on the 28/04/2019

During April I took part in the Cowwarr Art Space residency program for two weeks in order to create new works for an upcoming solo exhibition in August at MContemporary as well as experiment with new ideas and approaches in my practice. The dedicated artmaking time was fantastic, allowing me consistent and focused time to work through my ideas. I met other artists too, such as the band Chaos Hands and met some local Cowwarr artists, visiting the studio and property of Jo Caminiti which boasted impressive metal sculptures and a pair of eclectic emus. Residency owner and facilitator, Carolyn Crossley, organised delicious AIR dinners and fostered a great sense of community within the art space as well as the council area, with great insight into local gardens, birdlife, history and food produce. Having never been to Victoria before, I relished in crossing the border on the drive down and thoroughly enjoyed the new landscapes to explore and the new bird discoveries. I sighted a pilot bird, olive whistler and white-naped honeyeater for the first time in the Turra Bulga National Park. It was a truly productive and wholesome experience and I’m excited to share my inspired artworks later in the year!

Sydney Children’s Hospital “Art Celebrating Life” Exhibition

Posted on the 14/12/2018


I’m proud to be able to contribute to the Sydney Children’s Hospital exhibition “Art Celebrating Life” this year. The exhibition opens on the 13th of December at the hospital, with all proceeds from artwork sales going to the Sydney Children’s Hospitals Foundation.

‘Sight For All’ Live Art Photos

Posted on 12/09/2018

Last week on Friday night I was invited to create a “live artwork” for the dinner guests of the Sight For All charity fundraiser. Before dessert, my artwork ensued a bidding war (maybe not a war…) and was auctioned off for $4500! With all proceeds going to the charity, which provides medical training and assistance with medical issues in Sri Lanka. I was very chuffed. When I first arrived I was very nervous, as I found out I would be working Infront of 200 people, but as I kept working I felt more relaxed and eased into the swing of things. I’m really happy with the final artwork and have been told it has gone to a good home. Thankyou to @sightforall and @mcontemporary for the opportunity!

‘Sight For All’ Charity Event

Posted on 5/09/2018


This Friday night, the 7th of September, I will be creating an artwork for auction at “A Dinner For Sight” at the Ivy in Sydney. I will be working on the artwork live for the audience, then towards the end of the evening, the artwork is going to be auctioned off to raise money for the “Sight For All” charity. I am looking forward to being a part of such a charitable event. Watch this space for further news on how the event goes.

Stillness in Motion Opening

Posted on 25/07/2018

On Saturday, the 2nd of June, 2018, “Stillness in Motion” opened; an exhibition featuring artworks from Liron Gilmore and I at MContemporary gallery in Sydney. See the slideshow above to view photos from the exhibition opening.

Stillness in Motion Exhibition Invite

Posted on 9/05/2018


Exhibition Announcements

Posted on 13/04/2018

June is a busy month this year! I am exhibiting artworks in both Sydney and Jervis Bay.

In Sydney, I will be exhibiting a series of new artworks at MContemporary in a show titled “Stillness in Motion”. My works will be sitting alongside fellow artist, Liron Gilmore, who reinterprets the wonderfully intricate patterns worn by butterflies into textured, woven artworks. “Stillness in Motion” will run from the 2nd of June to the 16th of June, with the opening on Saturday, the 2nd of June from 2-4pm.

The Jervis Bay exhibition, “BIRD”, is a part of a larger event known as “See Change Festival”. The festival is in it’s 10th year running and aims to celebrate the culture, community and environment of the Jervis Bay and Basin. “BIRD” will be held in the Huskisson Community Hall, displaying the works of four artists that focus on aves within their art practice. The opening of “BIRD” is on Wednesday the 30th of May at 6pm.

Photos from the event:

Finalist in the Fisher’s Ghost Art Award 2017

Posted on the 4/10/2017


I am excited to announce that my artwork “A Familiar Face (Sulphur-Crested Cockatoo)” has been selected as a finalist for the Fisher’s Ghost Art Award 2017! The exhibition details are below:

Exhibition Dates: 28/10/17 – 14/12/17
Opening Night: Friday, November 3, 6pm
Location: Campbelltown Arts Centre

Blue Mountains Botanic Garden – 30th Birthday Art Festival

Posted on the 4/10/2017


This year marks the 30th anniversary of the Blue Mountains Botanic Garden in Mt Tomah. To celebrate, there will be a collection of artists exhibiting in the gardens throughout November. I will be a part of the “Botanica and Birdlife” exhibition, running from November 1-30. The exhibition details are below:

“Botanica and Birdlife” Exhibition Dates: 1/11/17 – 30/11/17
Location: Blue Mountains Botanic Garden, Bells Line of Road, Mt Tomah

Artist Profile Issue 40 – Process Artist

Posted on the 21/08/2017

Look out for this article on my artist practice in Issue 40 of Artist Profile magazine this August. I am so proud to have my name and artworks featured in this magazine, along with the names of prolific artists such as Patricia Piccinini and Neil Frazer. It is the 10th anniversary issue of Artist Profile magazine; a  magazine that has become a significant Australian visual arts publication.

Emerging Artist Prize Winner

Posted on the 31/05/2017

I have been awarded the “winner of the emerging artist prize” in the NOW Shoalhaven Contemporary Art Prize 2017. Additionally, during the award ceremony I sold “The Lines Between Recognising (Red Browed Finch)” to a lovely local who is regularly visited by red browed finches in her backyard.

Melbourne Den Fair 2017

Posted on the 26/04/2017


I’m pleased to announce that my “Splendid Fairywren” print, edition 6 of 8 (as featured above), will be exhibited at Melbourne’s Den Fair this June. The Den Fair, now in it’s third year running, is a boutique trade event connecting contemporary designers and design audiences throughout Australia. As I have never exhibited in the creative state of Victoria I am delighted to have an artwork set foot amongst the creative community of Melbourne. My print will be displayed alongside the work of fellow M. Contemporary artists Lionel Smit, Simone Rosenbauer, Justin Dingwall, Isobel Rayson, and Rhiannon Hopley.

Booth G18 – M. Contemporary
8 – 9 June – industry viewing
10 June – public viewing

Upcoming Exhibition

Posted on the 20/03/2017


Watch this space for further information about the exhibition and the artworks that will be featured.

Limited Edition “Eastern Yellow Robin” Prints Now Available


Following the successful release of the “Splendid Fairywren” print series I am excited to announce a second print series: “Eastern Yellow Robin”. Both the “Eastern Yellow Robin” and “Splendid Fairywren” print series have been released due to the fantastic popularity that these artworks received during my first solo exhibition at MContemporary during 2015.

For more information contact .M Contemporary

December Exhibition Opening


Come along to the ‘Christmas Drinks’ Group Exhibition at MContemporary Bondi to see my exciting new works, featured below, “Ah Aah Aah (Australian Raven)” and “Silvereye”.


Limited Edition “Splendid Fairywren” Prints Now Available



My very first series of prints are now available at .M Contemporary gallery in Woollahra, Sydney. With a limited edition of 8 available, each work is printed onto canson photo rag paper and hand finished with charcoal by yours truly. If you look at the image above of the first three editions you can see that each print varies slightly. It has been great fun being able to try out different mark making approaches with each print I finish off.

For more information contact .M Contemporary

Harper’s BAZAAR Artwork Feature


In this November issue of Harper’s BAZAAR fellow .M Contemporary artist Lionel Smit and I are featured in the federation home of Mike and Annie Cannon-Brookes. Their home is located in Centennial Park, Sydney and is the former home of two term mayor Sir Allen Taylor.

My artwork, “Mountain Devil Flower”, can be seen behind Mike’s martini trolley in the top right corner of the magazine page. I created this artwork in December 2015 whilst on residency at the BigCi in Bilpin, NSW. The flower is native to the Blue Mountains area and grows an ominous seed representing the face of a devil.

Live Painting Event at .M Contemporary


On August 13, 2016 I was lucky enough to be given a big wall at .M Contemporary and a whole day to create a new, 2.5 metre wide artwork.

The final artwork, as shown above, is titled “Screech” and depicts a large flock of 75 rainbown lorikeets having a raging good time. Some of the lorikeets are even hanging upside down as a testament to their quirky personalities. In creating this work I was not only highlighting the funny nature of these iconic birds but I was also meditating on the amazing colours and forms that these birds bring to the Australian landscape.

For more insight into my live painting event visit my Facebook page and .M Contemporary’s Facebook page.


Egon Zehnder Floral Works Commission


Located high up in the Governor Phillip Tower in Sydney is the office of global leadership advisers “Egon Zehnder”. Adorning their hallway walls are now four new floral artworks that I was commissioned by Egon Zehnder to create in May 2016. Each artwork is of a different native Australian flora variety; Waratah, Darwinia, Eucalyptus and Banksia.


Prize Announcement: Finalist in the Chippendale New World Art Prize

This year I am excited to announce that I am a successful finalist for the 2016 Chippendale New World Art Prize! I submitted my artwork of a Magpie, titled “Quardle oodle ardle wardle doodle” in response to this year’s prize theme of ‘spirit’.

Thursday, June 2, 6pm
The Old Rum Store, 2-10 Kensington st, Chippendale, Sydney, Australia
Sunday, June 26

Facebook Event Here


12593834_1007643036056592_2101898313115037200_oCome along to Elemental at MContemporary gallery to see my latest series of work inspired by the bustling ecosystems I was surrounded by on my artists residency at the ‘Bilpin International Grounds for Creative Initiatives’ (BigCi) in Bilpin, NSW.

Feb 13, 4-6pm

Feb 13 – 28, 2016

Meaghan Potter
Eloise Cato
Anya Pesce
Lea Kannar-Lichtenberger

MContemporary, 37 Ocean st, Woollahra, Sydney

Facebook Event 



Included in MContemporary’s final exhibition of the year is my recent artwork ‘Laughing Kookaburra’; a piece that takes a closer look at the intricate colour palette and textures present in Australia’s iconic bird.

12310561_967100296777533_5160036589150597111_n (1)



I’m very excited to announce that I will have two artworks on display at this year’s ‘Sydney Contemporary’ festival. These artworks will be on display on the 12th and 13th of september at MContemporary’s booth A21.



This August I have my very first solo exhibition opening at MContemporary gallery in Sydney. Come along to see my body of work inspired by the local flora and aves of my home in the Blue Mountains. Each artwork is an exploration into the sublime phenomena of colour, texture, form and personality that exists within the birds and flowers I have meditated upon through drawing. Each artwork, whilst depicting various subject matter, is a homage to the strange and evolutionary world of nature.



Come along to MContemporary’s group exhibition ‘Mythology of My Land’ to see my latest artwork ‘Banksia Pods’. This artwork was made in reflection of Australia’s bushfires; taking a close look at the contrasting effects that bushfires have on Australian life, for both the people and the land.



Art Central


72 dpi scientia Invite